With the TIMed Center, a new competence center for medicine was established in summer 2016. It relies on the expertise and infrastructure of the four faculties of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FH Upper Austria) in Linz, Wels, Hagenberg and Steyr that have already collaborated in research projects at the interface of technology to medicine for years and will be even more interconnected now. What makes the TIMed Center different from other institutions is its strong practical orientation. We value collaborations with companies in the same way we appreciate partnerships with universities and other research organisations. The findings we get from new ideas, perspectives and technological opportunities in context of our projects provide the basis for the products of the future. A future that you could be part of.

Biomedical Data Analysis

It's all about relationships: We try to find out connections and patterns of processes within the human body and perform automated data analyses wherever it is possible. By working on improvements in this context, we are able to get new insights faster than ever before.

Biomimetics and Material Engineering

Fascinating work in the nano universe: We produce polymer surfaces that are able to imitate mechanical and chemical characteristics of biological systems. These surfaces serve as starting point for the development of new types of substitutes for bones and teeth.

High Resolution Imaging

We have an eye for the details: To analyse the structure and the surface of human tissue, we use a broad variety of modern high-performance-microscopes and industrial CAT scanners. Our devices work with light, acoustic waves, x-radiation and atomic power.

Medical Simulations

Revolution in medicine and technology: We use the potential of virtual reality, develop computer models and reproduce anatomical structures. Only by doing that, we can simulate experiments that are too expensive, too dangerous or impossible to conduct in real life.

Biomedical Sensor Technology

Research for a better quality of life: We try to develop intelligent artificial limbs. Furthermore, we try to improve the quality of physical and rehabilitation therapies by using data we get from automatically generating and analyzing all possible kinds of activities.

Characterization of Drugs

This has an impact on us: We investigate the positive effects herbal substances can have on our health. But we don't stop there. We also study the role interactions between proteins play when it comes to receiving and processing information within our cellular systems.

Latest blog posts

Medical Technology Forum: Birth of the Core Facilities

For the 15th time in a row, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria arranges the Medical Technology Forum at its campus in Linz. At this event, the TIMed Center is also going to introduce its innovation-driving core facilities.

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SPUSI: Artifical patients for ultrasound diagnostics

The aim of the project SPUSI is to show that artificial replicates of the human bodies do not only allow the training of surgeries: In the future, smart phantoms are also intended to be used in ultrasound diagnostics.

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BioCETA Bioparticles_TIMed Center

BioCETA: Bio particles for the healthcare industry

Healing with bio particles: BioCETA is intended to foster the development of industrial applications based on biologically functioning bio particles. The applications are expected to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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